Downtown Winter Collection 2020 Video

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Evoked from the street, the Downtown Collection speaks the language of Egyptian authenticity. With our world becoming more dynamic, we sometimes stray away from the origins of our received services and the faces behind those services. Over-reliance on more advanced and convenient methods causes us to sometimes miss out on our local offerings and the human interactions that come along with them. For this reason, the Richa team chose to signify and honor local services in Cairo, which truly shed light on the veritable essence of Egyptian culture. Our team believes that you too, should #knowthem. N.B: Our video content refrains from staging and rather mirrors real-life day to day occurrences. Instead of obtaining internet material, we chose to acquire our own footage at local markets. In doing that, we were able to leverage on having genuine conversations with representative faces of our population to know more about them, how they spend their day, and the value they bring to our community. #knowthem #localwear Edited by: @zeynaslm Shot by: @quantumproductionsss

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