Collection: ٣٦٠ ° Richa

٣٦٠ Richa °

S/S collection of 2023

This collection was inspired by various locations scattered across Egypt. We started in Cairo and made our way to Siwa, Nuba, and Luxor and Aswan and spent some time there in an attempt to fully grasp everything they had to offer. We shot footage using a 360 camera, which captures every detail of its surroundings leaving no blind spots. This was a major aspect taken into consideration when designing our collection.

After spending time at the locations, we endeavoured to give the audience an authentic depiction of what we experienced through a unique design for every location. The aim was to illustrate all the elements we encountered such as the vibrant colours, the landscapes, the people, and everything that makes them unique leaving no element behind, or “blind spots”.

And this is why the collection is named 360 Richa Degrees.

All artwork is done by Amina Tamer.