Yawmeyat Tayar

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Up until the opening of our store, Rich’a’s distributions relied solely on deliverymen who played a central role in linking us to our customers.

In a country like Egypt, deliverymen are key to our lifestyle. We rely heavily on their service and this dependency was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic where everything from food to toilet papers was delivered by them to the comfort of our homes.

Yawmiyat Tayar is a collection designed by SAQALA STUDIOS that illustrates fractions of the triggering situations experienced by deliverymen on a daily basis. We found these mawakef to be very embedded in our culture and so we took the pleasure in exploring ways to document and depict them.
Building up on our #knowthem concept, Yawmiyat Tayar portrays these mawakef in a raw yet humorous way all while showcasing the deliveryman as the protagonist and paying tribute to his services.



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